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Mittal Mall Ajmer

The design for the façade of Mittal mall is inspired by two elements of Rajasthan landscape.
Stones & Textiles. The juxtaposition of masculine & feminine element. Yin & Yang concept of dulaism, where seemingly opposite elements become complementary, interconnected, and interdependent.
This fascination led to a parametric facade design with granite & glass. Which is solid and transparent at the same time & is inspired by flow of a billowing face veil of traditional womenfolk of Rajasthan in the desert wind.
Engraved motif on granite is derived from traditional block printing pattern from Bagru. A village close by.
Facade is created with sophisticated software for 3 D visualization. Software Rhino & Grasshopper for precision engineering. Using digital design strategies and 3d printing techniques, we developed the mall façade to be parametric and to evoke the idea of a fluid fabric that drapes down across the building. The engineering of such a complex façade was done in close collaboration with the façade engineers and has yielded a fantastic amalgamation of cutting-edge technology and high functionality.

Facts & Figures

Location: - Ajmer , Rajasthan

Built area: 5,50,000 Sq.Ft. 

Client: Mittal Dewellers Start

Date: May 2014 

Expected Completion date: December 2021

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